Extant grading policies are fair only when one considers that a certain baseline is guaranteed to all students: sufficient food, heated housing, reliable access to the internet, the opportunity to work with tutors and TAs, etc. Now that these things are gone for many students, in addition to the hardships to be experienced by all students as classes move to an unfamiliar format, it doesn’t make sense to evaluate on those metrics. The only thing that can assure a semblance of equity is mandatory pass/fail, mandatory because opt-in systems generate pressure for disadvantaged students to continue as they normally would in order to remain competitive for jobs and graduate school applications.

If this pandemic is going to last for a while and the situation may possibly get worse, students who already have good grades should be able to be passed. Not only would it be hard for people to gather together in person, but also hard for people who don’t have the necessary technology and access to online classes to adjust to this change.

Especially for students who used to live on campus, moving out puts them in such a vastly different environment than they’re used to. Even if their home life is safe and conducive to school work, the transitional period will undoubtedly be a stumbling block.

This is no doubt an unprecedentedly difficult time in our lives. There are new challenges financially and familial responsibilities to deal with. Further we will have no access to on-site institutional resources and limited interactions with professors which will make it much harder to perform at our usual best. All things considered, letter grades should not be assigned.

With the lack of resources that I have taking online classes back home and having to deal with family and community problems I believe it puts students at an unfair advantage to receive the same quality of education especially since some students will not have WiFi and have their main focus be taking care of their family. I believe that I should not have to pay for my room and board for spring term if I’m not even going to be on campus and will be having to finance myself at home.

This is a stressful time. More so than usual. Many students are unsure if they’ll even be able to pay for classes and not all students have access to the internet so how will they even be able to take their classes online.

Some students and professors will not have the proper communication to hold online lectures and office hours. As well as this will limit the learning experience for college students since they will not have a chance to work in the classroom or on campus. Which is why this semester should be a pass/no record for a colleges. Students should not be charged for a meal plans and monetary loss because students will not have acres to meal plans or anything related to the meal plan. This refund could be used by the students for the next academic year or something else that is personally important to them.

This is my last year at HCC and I will be transferring to the University of Houston in the fall of 2020. Although my school is not a four-year university, my struggle is still very real. This semester is crucial in whether or not I am able to be accepted to the university I would like to be transferred to and the events in response to the virus are messing with that. I plan on attending the Business school that the University of Houston has and that means I need at least a C in my remaining courses this semester. I am a visual learner where I have to see someone do the problem so that I am able to comprehend the topic. If there is no class, I will not be able to do as well as I can in my math courses due to the lack of visual teaching.